Three Flexible Voting Channels

Three voting channels to help you maximise participation and efficiency.

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Flexible and Secure

Every ballot conducted by GoVote includes an online voting channel. You can tailor your ballot to your voters by adding an SMS or telephone voting option, or both. By providing people with a range of convenient options you can maximise the number of votes cast, and trust in the result.

Make sure the right people vote

Access to every GoVote ballot is tightly managed. In order to vote in a ballot each voter must first confirm their identity against the records we hold on the voter roll. This helps to build trust in the process, and also prevents people from voting more than once. GoVote offers two levels of ballot access:

  • Authenticated

    Access requires an 11 digit GoVote PIN

  • Authenticated & Verified

    Access requires a GoVote PIN plus an additional “verification item”, such as a date of birth or payroll number.

We generate and send GoVote PINs and access instructions directly to voters by either email, post, SMS or a combination of the three. We can help you decide on the level of access for your ballot as part of the ballot planning process. Read more about ballot access here, and how we keep voter preferences anonymous here.

Voting you can count on

GoVote is Australia’s industry leader in the planning, management and delivery of secure, independent ballots and elections. We work across all industries with organisations big and small, public and private, including some of Australia’s most recognisable names. Our voting services can save you time and resources, and ensure your vote is conducted to meet any governance requirement.

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