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GoVote can create Customised Voting Solutions for your Organisation

GoVote’s systems are ideally suited to handle a range of voting scenarios. Here are just a few.

  • Industry Awards

    Nomination Management: Speed up the review process and enforce submission criteria using GoVote’s secure web based nomination process. Whether the award is for a person, a team, or a project, GoVote’s web based forms can be customised to capture all the required information. The submission portal can feature your brand and styling, and is designed for ease of use.

    Voting Services: If the result is subject to a vote, GoVote can act as returning officer for the ballot. Utilise the voting channels that will maximise voter participation, with online, SMS, telephone and postal voting available.

  • Strata Voting

    GoVote’s Ballot Manager system can be used to streamline and maximise participation in the voting process for large Strata developments. Open key agenda items to voting in advance of a meeting and reduce reliance on proxies. Effortlessly integrate votes made in person using strata manager access privileges.

  • Referendums and plebiscites

    GoVote can provide a competitive quote for plebiscites involving any number of respondents.

Custom Solutions

GoVote recognises that election requirements can vary drastically. Our systems and programming expertise are in house, which means we can quickly respond to custom development requests. From extremely complex counting methods, to entirely new software, we can accommodate any request.

How it Works

  • Initial Interview

    Get in touch so we can understand your requirements. From there, we’ll propose a solution outlining the functionality, cost and development time.

  • Development

    On your acceptance of our proposal, GoVote will begin development work. Development processes will be in line with the strict procedures we use on our core Ballot Manager technology. All functionality will be thoroughly tested and documented.

  • Demo

    GoVote will provide a demonstration of the new functionality for your approval. Further changes can be made until the solution meets your needs.

Secure Workforce Engagement

GoVote also has sophisticated and secure survey software as part of its software suite. If you’re interested in conducting an internal workforce engagement project where confidentiality and anonymity are important, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Voting you can count on

GoVote is Australia’s industry leader in the planning, management and delivery of secure, independent ballots and elections. We work across all industries with organisations big and small, public and private, including some of Australia’s most recognisable names. Our voting services can save you time and resources, and ensure your vote is conducted to meet any governance requirement.

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