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About My Vote

GoVote is an Australian company specialising in the planning, management and delivery of independent secret ballots and elections. We are an independent manager of elections and ballots, which means we have no vested interest in the outcome of your vote. Read more About Us
If you have been contacted by GoVote with voting information it is because you are listed on the voter roll of a ballot or election that GoVote is managing. For example this might be relating to an Enterprise Agreement that covers your employment conditions.
GoVote asks for a voter roll from our clients for each election or ballot. This voter roll will contain details of each eligible voter. We use the voter roll to control access to our voting system, and to contact you with voting information.
Once a ballot or election is over all personal details are deleted in line with our internal policy. The only way you will hear from us again is if you are on the voter roll for an election or ballot in the future, in which case your details would be provided to us at that time.
No. We only conduct secret ballots. Every ballot or election vote entered into the GoVote system is anonymous. Your personal information enables authentication, and is not associated with your vote preference. Learn more
You should refer back to your voting information material and details on your particular election or ballot.

GoVote PIN

GoVote PINs are 11 digit numbers that are unique to you, and to the ballot or election you are registered to vote in. We use these PINs to control access to our voting channels. You will need your PIN to vote.
PINs are sent directly by GoVote with voting instructions. If you received an email, SMS or letter from GoVote, please check it for your PIN number.

If you haven’t received anything from GoVote, or you think you might have lost the information, we can email your PIN to your preferred email address, or send it via text message to your mobile number. Please contact GoVote support via email (preferred) at or by phone for urgent requests. You will need to tell us your first and last name, and your date of birth, so that we can check your details on the voter roll.

Problems Voting

You received this error message because the details you provided do not match the details we hold for you on the voter roll. To access your ballot you will be asked to provide either:

  • An 11 digit GoVote PIN, or
  • An 11 digit GoVote PIN plus an additional verification item, such as a payroll number.

Please ensure the following:

1. You have entered your 11 digit GoVote PIN exactly as it appears on your voting instructions.

2. If you need to provide additional information, please make sure you follow any guidance located in your voting instructions, or on the voting webpage for your ballot.

If you cannot successfully access the ballot, please contact GoVote support and we can help to confirm the correct details.

Our online voting system requires your internet browser to have SSL and javascript enabled to work. You can quickly determine whether your browser has these features enabled by checking the following:

1. Javascript

If the juggler below is juggling, then Javascript is running. If not, you will need to configure your internet browser, or use alternative voting channels if they are available for your ballot.


2. SSL

Your browser must support secure connections (often called SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer), and the option must be enabled to sign in. Check to see whether there is a green padlock in the url of the voting website. If not, you will need to configure your internet browser, or use alternative voting channels if they are available.

Our voting systems prevent voters from casting invalid votes. This means that, for example, where a voter must make a choice between two options they cannot submit a vote with zero or both options selected. If you are having difficulty with this, please first check that you have followed your voting instructions carefully, and if the problem persists, contact GoVote Support.
This means that the voter details you provided to access a particular ballot have already been used to cast a vote in that ballot. This is a system control to prevent people from voting multiple times.

Please note that whilst we can detect who has voted, through separation of voter roll and preference data we cannot detect how that person has voted. This means that voter preferences remain anonymous.

You will be given a voting receipt number when you successfully lodge a vote electronically into our system. Your receipt will be delivered as follows:

1. Online Voting: After submitting your vote online you will be directed to a confirmation page with your receipt number, which you can print or copy for your records.

2. SMS Voting: SMS messages need to be composed exactly as advised on your voting instructions to be accepted by our system. Please follow these instructions carefully. After successfully submitting an SMS vote you will receive a return SMS with your receipt number.

3. Telephone voting: Once you have submitted your vote, a receipt number will be read out to you over the phone by our telephone voting system. You will need a method to copy this down if you would like to use it later.

If you did not make a note of your voting receipt and you have subsequently lost it, we cannot tell you what it is because your voting receipt is not linked to you in our system. This keeps your preference anonymous.

Only votes lodged during the ballot period will be counted. This means that you cannot vote before or after the ballot period. The ballot period time will be made clear in your voting instructions; it can vary from a day to multiple weeks, depending on the ballot.